No serious injuries reported in bus wreck

There were no serious injuries reported in a wreck occurring Tuesday on Third and Hedgecoke.According to Superintendent Chance Welch, a bus carrying seven students was stopped at that particular intersection. When the light turned green, the bus proceeded forward. However, an SUV in the same area thought it still had a green light, and ended up colliding with the front end of the bus it as it went through the intersection.Welch said he was at the scene of the accident and saw Kenneth Coleman, Director of Transportation, attempt to make sure the parents of all the students on board the bus were contacted. “We want to let our parents know as soon as possible about the safety of their children,” he said.One of the students was transported to the hospital, and Welch went to the hospital to ensure that the student was okay.“I’m thankful there were no serious injuries,” he said. Welch said the driver of the school bus was not cited in the wreck.The Borger Police Department was contacted for comment on the matter via phone and email, but had not issued a statement as of press time.