Nine individuals charged in drug ring

DEA, FBI and panhandle law enforcement agencies assisted in a drug bust that occurred at several homes and businesses around the area on Thursday, May 10, 2012. Nine citizens from Dumas and Borger were charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance after a investigation conducted from June 2010-May 2012.A 20-page criminal complaint and application for search warrant requested by FBI special agent Geoffrey M. McGuire, filed on May 3, 2012, describes details of several encounters between the defendents Carlos Martin Gonzales, Jose Elias Orozco, Carlos Carrasco, Cosme Chavez, Sergio Ruben Ramirez, Victor Manuel Chavez, Jr., Juan Eli Svenningsen, Datra Chevalier Johnson, and Olen Clyde Cargill in the of selling drugs and firearms to undercover police officers and confidential police sources.According to the complaint, at the beginning of the investigation an unnamed FBI source told Dumas police officer Lieutenant Flood that Chavez of Dumas wanted to sell three guns for $250.Chavez is being held at a Childress jail and Cargill is in federal custody. Seven of the defendants are in custody at the Randall County Jail.On May 5, 2011, an unnamed FBI source revealed Ramirez was a major source of cocaine in Dumas and supplied it to the Chavez family. The unnamed source also revealed information received from Cosme Chavez, brother of Victor Chavez Sr., that Victor was providing between four and seven ounces of cocaine per week to “ a guy named Junior,” which is believed to be Jose Fernandez of Borger. On Dec. 15, 2011, the unnamed FBI source met Carrasco at 910 Nelson in Borger and purchased one ounce of cocaine. FBI/DEA surveillance units observed Carrasco walking across the street to another residence, identified as 911 Nelson, then return a short time later. Carrasco then returned to the unnamed FBI source and provided a clear plastic bag containing cocaine, said the complaint. The final drug buy in the complaint occurred inside a Dumas home on April 27. Prosecutors have 30 days to present the case to a grand jury.