NFL ditches Roman numerals for Super Bowl 50

Tom Hinde

The Super Bowl, played on Sunday, February 7 this year, will look very different from its predecessors. The NFL decided to ditch the famous Roman numerals in favor of standard Arabic numerals. The new logo will read: Super Bowl 50. The decision to drop the traditional Roman numerals was described by the NFL as a way to "elevate and celebrate the historic" 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl. The Roman numeral for 50 is "L," which would have made the logo: Super Bowl L.

National and regional logos for the game were released in June 2014. The logo features the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the center with the numbers 5 and 0 on either side. The 50 is written in gold instead of the traditional silver to reflect "the preeminence of the Super Bowl," according to the NFL. The gold, a traditional symbol of 50th anniversaries, also "reflects the host region's historic Gold Rush," and California's nickname of the "Golden State." Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California is the host site.

According to the NFL, Roman numerals will again be used for Super Bowl LI in 2017.