New Borger business brings any restaurant in the county to your door

A new business in Borger is already making life easier for many people in Hutchinson County.


Tracy Farmer, of Stinnett, has started a new service that makes the county more convenient for those who live here: he has turned every restaurant, fast food joint, and convenience store into an easily accessible option with his new business, Little Buddy’s Delivery.


In a town where delivery options are so limited, Farmer has opened up options for people stuck at home, too busy to leave the office, or too exhausted to get back out after work. For a small fee, ($5 in Borger and $10 for deliveries to/from Fritch or Stinnett) Farmer will bring you a burger from The Burger, burritos from Jesse’s, or maybe just a hot dog from Sonic and a Monster from Pak-A-Sak.  If you can find it in Stinnett, Fritch, or Borger, he can have it to your house, your office, or your job site with only a phone call Monday through Saturday 10:00a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Farmer came up with the idea while having a conversation with a friend who delivers pizza. He credits his friend, Elijah Phillips, for his help and support during the beginning phases of the project.  Farmer, whose parents are from Hutchinson County and who has worked in construction and as a contractor for years, thought back to his time working in Utah where similar services often saved him from roaming around town in search of food after a full shift as a boilermaker.  


“In a town like Borger,” says Farmer, “most people have a pretty busy schedule ... my customers won’t have to worry about going out to eat, we will bring whatever they need right to their door. They can use that extra time for whatever they wish: family movies, catching up on work - or homework - and for the elderly or others who don’t get around very well, they can enjoy their favorites easily and without feeling dependent.


Farmer says he already expects to expand and hire more drivers when demand grows enough;  Borger is already embracing his ingenuity.


“The Plaza and Bennigan’s have already been very supportive,” he says, “and orders have been coming in slowly, but people have been calling and asking a lot of questions.”


Farmer has been working hard to get Little Buddy’s off the ground. He joined the Borger Chamber of Commerce on Thursday and relentlessly manages the business’s social media presence from his office on Main Street. He also has been brainstorming on how to make life even easier for his customers: he will carry menus with him so he can answer questions; he accepts credit cards; he has links to UrbanSpoon on the LB’s Facebook page; he offers a 10% discount on the delivery fee for seniors 65+, and any public servants. 


When he delivers to the Hospital for a family with a sick child - he waives the delivery fee entirely. And where did the name come from?


“Little Buddy is what we called my brother. He had muscular dystrophy and when he passed ... well, that’s something that I carry with me every day. Little Buddy’s is a memorial.”


Little Buddy’s can be reached at 806-886-3569.