Mr. Treat for your morning eats

(Editor’s Note: The Borger News-Herald is pleased to present a series of articles about businesses new in 2012 to Borger and the surrounding area. The businesses to be highlighted are Mr. Treat, Vintage Pearl, Prime Time Party Zone, Sugar Rush, Isabel Seam Care, and El Zarape. Any business new to Borger in 2012 and not named above may call and request an interview.)Local residents were heartbroken when the “closed” sign was posted on the Mr. Treat Donuts’ door this past May. The previous owner chose to shut down the establishment that has been in business in Borger since 1957 because of family medical issues. Many thought that it was the end of this great local hot spot, but that was when Ken and Sylvia Brockett stepped in to save it.Ken and Sylvia decided to buy the shop and opened the doors back up on July 2nd, 2012. Residents were ecstatic that their morning routine of coffee and the best donuts around could continue.Long time customer and former employee, Lisa Ann Thomison has called Mr. Treat her second home for many years. “My friends and I have bonded at their counter over many years and many cups of coffee, and the sweet treats, well that’s just icing on the donut, if you know what I mean.” Her sentiment is echoed by many other Borger residents who are happy to have a place that feels like home every morning.Long-time Borger resident, Ginnie Whitfield, says “I have been eating there since I was a little girl. They have the best donuts I have ever eaten!”Even former residents have to make Mr. Treat one of their stops when they are back visiting the area. Pat Landrum comments, “I have to have some every time we come to Borger!”The former owner was a big help to Ken, helping him out with all the business secrets that will keep it running smoothly. The Brocketts go in at 1:00a.m. to prepare for the early morning crowd, so they have had to adjust to working the unusual hours. “The response from the community has been very positive. I am glad that we decided to take on this new venture,” said Brockett.The Brocketts are now business owners, but they also take time to serve in the community. Living Water, a ministry located on Main Street, serves their volunteers donuts on Thursdays and Fridays, and has this to say about Mr. Treat, “Those days just would not be the same without their donuts! In turn, Mr. Brockett donates his leftover donuts to Living Water clients which we give out each week. Our clients are so grateful. We love Mr. Treat at Living Water!”They have decided to keep much of the business the same, wanting the donut tradition to continue and not change drastically. Their daughter also helps out at the business, and although they have had a few issues with keeping employees because of the hours, they are making it work. They strive to make their customer service a priority, and they want everyone to leave with a smile on their face.If you would like more information on Mr. Treat Donuts, you can email the Brocketts at, call the business at 274-6677, or reach Ken after hours via cell phone at 806-231-7792. Mr. Treat can also be found on Facebook, so go like them! They are open from 5:00a.m. until noon Monday through Saturday.