Mother of shooting victim speaks out against rumors

Tabitha Fleming
Staff Writer

Sometimes in the midst of tragedy, people get so caught up in telling a story that they forget the details they are relating may or may not be true, and that the tragedy is, for someone at least, very real. Carla Anderson has known tragedy in her life, and came face to face with it again following the incident in downtown Borger early Tuesday morning.
The victim of the much discussed shooting Tuesday in the wee-morning hours was her son, Jonathan Gaytan. He is a longtime resident of Borger, who attended Borger High School and later served in the US Army. Gaytan is known to many, which may be part of why the discussion on social media sites such as Facebook has been so lively. What Gaytan's mother wants people to know and realize is that her son's life is not just fodder for the gossip mill.
“This was not a suicide,” said Anderson, her voice choked from tears as she spoke via telephone from the hospital where her son is currently in ICU. “This was an accidental shooting.” Anderson took time away from her son's beside to make a plea to Borger citizens to put an end to rumors and false statements on social media. She wanted to set the record straight for all those that were curious. The story has been told and retold to the point that this mother, who is currently by her son's beside, has had to take calls from concerned neighbors who read on social media about a death that never took place, or about an attack that never happened. Without doubt, Gaytan's mother said, the shooting that occurred was accidental.
The good news is, that Jonathan Gaytan is expected to make a full, albeit long recovery. “The doctors told me this morning that he will make a full recovery.” said Anderson, it will be a difficult road, but with the support of the community of Borger, Gaytan already has a cheering section for every step he takes towards recovery.
According to his mother, he is currently in the intensive care trauma unit at the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City which is home to Oklahoma's only Trauma One emergency room. With the excellent care he is receiving, Gaytan continues to improve and is expected to continue to progress. More updates are promised in the future, but for now Anderson has asked that gossipers silence their lips to all but the truth, her son was injured in an accidental shooting, and he is expected to make a full recovery.