Meredith Gun Club Competition Schedule for January

Jan 1st .22 Plate, Mano a Mano and Team-Open class, one gun for all three events. Single Action Iron Sighted plate match also. Entry Fee.Jan 8th .22 Rifle and .22 Pistol any sight, Steel Silhouette-Open class for pistols and rifles. (Rifles 10.2 lbs. max) Large Pistol silhouettes. Entry fee.Jan 15th .22 Plate and Speed-Open class, one gun for all three events and Single Action Iron sight plate. Entry fee.Jan 22nd .22 Rabbit' Gun Silhouette, iron sighted sporter types only and .22 pistol iron sights only. Entry fee.Jan 29th Rifle and Pistol Paper plate match-Any sight, any center fire caliber. Five shots each..22ammunition is given as prizes for all classes with a minimum of two entrants.Beginners welcome!The Meredith Gun Club is located on SR#1319 between Borger and Sanford.For directions or more information contact Larry Porter at 865-3695 or Perry Collier at 878-3150.