Meet Borger’s newest doctors: Dr. Hawley and Dr. Nash

One of Borger’s newest family practice physicians is also Borger born and raised! Dustin Hawley, M.D. is a graduate of Borger High School and attended Frank Phillips College and Texas Tech University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in biology in 2003. His graduation from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine put him into the field of medicine in 2008.“I was born at North Plains Hospital,” he said. “Dr. Hull delivered me and Dr. Prewitt was our family doctor.”Dr. Hawley, his wife Lindsey and his three children, Natalie, 4; Lexie, 2; and Jordyn, eight months, moved to Borger from Waco where he recently finished his residency at the McClennan County Medical Education and Research Foundation.His new Family Medicine practice in Borger, High Plains Family Medicine, P.A., will include general obstetrics. He explained, “Heart and lung diseases fascinate me most, but I like a variety of medicine, which is why I chose family medicine. Having three daughters has made me very interested in women’s and children’s health.”Dr. Hawley enjoys interacting with entire families. “It’s been fun to care for a couple, deliver their child and then care for the child as he or she grows,” he said.Preventative medicine is high on his list of priorities, he said. “You truly feel like you made a difference when doing something like a colonoscopy or removing a suspicious skin lesion and catching a disease before it comes a real problem.”Dr. Michael Nash was born in Hobbs, New Mexico, but moved to Texas as soon as he could! Raised in Midland, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Lubbock Christian University and his M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. He has just completed a three-year Family Medicine residency at the McClennan County Medical Education and Research Foundation in Waco.Dr. Nash and his wife Anita have three children: Bayli, 7; Kelsey, 4; and Jenna, 1. The Nash family enjoys spending time together and likes to be outdoors. “I enjoy fishing, hunting, snowboarding, snow skiing, water skiing, and camping,” he smiled. “I dabble a little in carpentry and welding.”He said, “My family and I are very excited about moving to Borger. This will be getting us much closer to family. “Being raised in West Texas and my wife being from Southwest Kansas, we feel like we’re moving back home. My two oldest daughters cannot quit talking about being ‘Borger Bulldogs’. The youngest is excited. She just doesn’t talk much yet.”Dr. Nash will join Dr. Hawley in their new Borger practice - High Plains Family Medicine, P.A. He explained, “I plan to offer inpatient/outpatient adult and pediatric medicine as well as inpatient newborn care.”He is especially interested in teaching his patients about having healthy lifestyles and using preventative medicine to maintain excellent health. “I’d also like to become more involved in outpatient dermatology and cosmetic procedures as well as sports medicine and treatment of allergies,” he said.