McWilliams: Parents need to educate children on drug dangers

What can we call a “safe environment” when children and young adults can alter their state of mind with basic household items? According to Captain Aaron K. McWilliams of the Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office, the office have seen an increase in theses behaviors to just keep up a quick “high.” McWilliams says, “A common practice is still using forms of inhalants; however, we have seen the following toxic aerosols to include: compressed difluorethane (compressed gas dusters for computers, etc.... ) as well as the continued use of spray paint and gasoline.”Minors nowadays are using common liquid cold medications such as Robitussin and NyQuil for the alcohol content to get drunk.”This can be extremely dangerous as each contain antihistamines, which when taken over the required dosage can cause organ damage and death.“ McWilliams stated.He continued to say, “State law now regulates the possession of the newest form of synthetic marijuana known as ‘K2’. Teens have found ways of altering the chemical makeup of the substance which, when altered still has the same intoxicating effects but doesn’t meet the required composition named in Texas Statutes. These tactics have been developed rapidly over the World Wide Web.” The most disturbing information McWilliams stated was that high school, elementary, and middle school level children are still using and experimenting with street drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine at an alarming rate. McWilliams said, “As always, parents are encouraged to educate their children on the dangers of the every growing drug world.”