Local schools receive mixed AYP results

Eighty percent or more of students in Texas school districts must pass the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) Reading or English language Arts tests and seventy-five percent must pass the TAKS mathematics test to meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). In addition, they must also demonstrate a ninety percent attendance rate or a seventy-five percent graduation percentage, depending on the grade level. If the a Title I school misses AYP for two or more years, the school will be moved into a improvement program in which the sanctions and required interventions are raised each year. In 2010-11, Borger ISD did not meet the AYP standards. BHS missed the AYP while Borger Middle School, Paul Belton, Crockett, Gateway, and Borger Intermediate all met it. Superintendent Chance Welch stated, “We are excited that Borger ISD had two schools in the district that increased their AYP rating. Due to strong gains in reading and math scores, Crockett Elementary and Borger Middle School met AYP. Borger Intermediate, Gateway, and Paul Belton again met AYP. “Even though Borger High made strong gains in math scores, and as a district, we made strong gains increasing scores, both missed AYP. We will continue the instructional activities that led to gains in student achievement throughout the district as we strive for deep alignment of the written, taught, and tested curriculum.” Sanford-Fritch ISD also did not meet AYP. Sanford-Fritch High School and Elementary met the AYP, while Sanford-Fritch Junior High did not. Sanford-Fritch Superintendent Jim McClellan stated,”SFISD did not meet AYP in reading and mathematics. We have addressed the areas and the student population in need of assistance. The principals will design a plan for these areas and we will improve. Our elementary school and high school both met AYP in all areas; however, our junior high did not meet AYP in reading.” Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips CISD and all schools in the district met the AYP. PSPCISD superintendent Bill Wiggans stated, “The staff and kids did a great job this year. It took a lot of hard work to meet the high expectations, but I’m very pleased with the results.” Spring Creek ISD Elementary also met the AYP standards. Superintendent Bret Madsen said, “I feel good about our scores. We have always met standards.”