Local churches to host Contractor Appreciation Event

Several local churches will be involved with a ‘Spring Turnaround Contractor Appreciation Meal’ on Saturday, March 15, at 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at First Baptist Church at 100 S. Hedgecoke in Borger.


Rod Hite, Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church of Borger told the News-Herald that contractors working the turnarounds in Borger have been invited because “We just wanted to do something for the guests here in our city while they are with us,” and “I first came to West Texas from Alaska in 1984 as a student at Wayland Baptist University. I fell in love with the open plains, the canyons, and the Caprock ... We want our guests in Borger to love our city as much as we do.”


“[The contractors], some are short term and others are here for several months. We just want to help anyone involved get connected to a local church while they are here in Borger, if they desire that type of relationship.”


This is not the first time a Contractor Appreciation event has been held in Borger, but it is the first time that multiple churches have banded together for the cause, said Hite. The plan arose during a discussion about Spring Break plans, when member Dave Brandon floated the idea of doing something for the turnaround workers, Hite, relatively new to Borger, asked “What’s ‘turnaround’?”


“The idea grew to a meal and asking other churches to join us,” said Hite


“The purpose of the event,” said Hite, “is to help those people and their families who are here for work to connect to a family of faith while they are here in our town. It is not about a specific “church” but “The Church” as a whole. In our minds at FBC, if every family of faith in Borger benefits - then Borger benefits, and God is glorified. It is “the Church” being the church and not separate groups of people doing their own thing.”


Organizers will be passing out a list of all of the churches in town, whether or not that church is participating, in order to help connect the contractors to the community. Hite also told reporters that organizers will be distributing resources such as bibles, devotional books, and CD’s to all who attend, free of charge.


Hite has high hopes for the event, he told the News-Herald in an e-mail that “An event like this has the potential to build unity and harmony like we have never seen before among the churches of our community. I believe if the churches of a community are healthy and doing what God has called them to do they will have a positive impact on their community in every aspect of life - from feeding the hungry, providing for the poor and supporting and loving those who are hurting.”