Local Artist Profile: Jenna Hatfield

Jenna Hatfield, of Borger, has been painting for years. She won her first award in elementary school and her 5th grade art project was featured on the local news station for a week straight.

She paints flowers and trees; she paints abstract; and she paints works that provoke intensely personal interpretations; she has painted three different versions of the Cadillac Ranch; and she is currently planning to paint a series on the many industrial facilities around town - especially Agrium and the carbon black plants. Jenna's work is varied, electric, and always interesting.


Her distinctive abstract and impressionistic work immediately seizes the eyes; and her use of contrasting light levels and vibrant colors fascinates onlookers. She said she likes to use “lots of color; different combinations, and abstract shapes,” and also says the Golden Ratio often appears in her work. The Golden Ratio, 1:1.61, is a concept that appears in nature has been studied in mathematics as far back as Euclid.


Jenna's major influences are Pablo Picasso (Of course, she says, everybody likes Picasso), Salvador Dalí, and the more modern Natasha Westcoat.

She says "“I want to bring emotion to dull and mundane spaces,” she says, “I just want people to be happy when they see my work." And much of her art accomplishes this easily. Bright, otherworldly landscapes with intense purples and greens; fantastical animals with unnaturally long limbs; and - a human heart and mythological figures? 

"... but my husband is in a Black Metal band, I  have my dark heart side as well,” she explains. 


Jenna spends around 30 hours per week painting. “Usually at night,” she says, “I’m a stay at home mom,” and she hopes to someday open her own gallery. She sold her first painting in 2009, and since then has sold over 120 more. Smaller works, like an 11x14, go for as little as $50; where her larger works can fetch hundreds of dollars. Jenna now sells most of her work through her Other Side Artwork Facebook page at www.facebook.com/othersideartwork“I used to sell a lot through eBay and etsy, but now I stick to Facebook and people can contact me directly.” The page also features her past work.

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