Lions Club helping kids go to camp

TLC and Lions Club have been coming together every year since 1949 to create the Texas Children’s Camp. This partnership will allow 75 individuals with special needs and medical conditions to go to summer camp at no cost. “Texas Lions Camp is a residential camping facility for children with physical disabilities, type 1 diabetes and cancer. The Camp is located on over 500 acres in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, and is designed to introduce the “Can Do” philosophy to children dealing with special medical conditions,” according to the Internet. Children with special needs from all over the State of Texas are invited to attend camp this summer. It is designed for fun, exploration and challenge. They also are adding a “Pilot Program” that includes children who have Down Syndrome. Up to 75 children who have Down Syndrome will have the opportunity to enjoy the camp that is designed especially for them. Lions districts may sponsor two campers each, who have Down Syndrome, with a deadline for applications set for April 15, 2011. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis until the 75 slots have been filled.The camp will provide outdoor experiences to handicapped children. While at camp, participants have the opportunity to enjoy many activities including swimming, horsemanship, ropes course, arts & crafts, nature studies, animal science and horticulture, music, drama, recreation and athletics, shooting sports and overnight/outdoor camp outs. Each camper is invited to set a goal for the week, and is encouraged to work hard to make their goal come true during their session. According to Internet sources, “In a ceremony that is rich in symbolism, each camper “blows” their wish onto a stick, and the stick is then thrown into the fire. As each child throws their stick into the fire, several things begin to happen. Number 1, the fire grows, symbolizing that as we work together, our efforts are multiplied and the fire burns brighter and hotter then it would with just a single stick. Number 2, the sticks (goals) are transferred in the smoke to some place on Camp, where campers must work to claim the goal for themselves.” For more information on this you can contact Carolyn Brown of the Borger Noon Lions Club, 273-2272