Lights. Camera. Action.

A professional musical theatre production looks like it may be coming to Borger this summer. On Tuesday afternoon, the Borger Economic Development Board of Directors approved providing chat productions with a grant which will assist the company as it prepares to film its first major production “Kissless, the musical” in Borger through most of July and early August.The Borger EDC Board approved giving chat productions a $75,000 grant and office space to establish a Borger office for the company, with chat productions committing to hire one full-time employee for their Borger office immediately and a second employee by January of 2013.In its presentation to the Borger EDC, chat productions outlined plans to bring in a cast and crew of around 40 people, assembled through auditions in New York City and San Marcos, which will perform and film the whole project during their time in Borger. Production will take place from July 7th through August 9th, with performances open to the public tentatively scheduled to take place on August 3rd and 4th. “Kissless, the musical” is about an awkward misfit teenage girl who is forced to live with an uber-jock and his quirky family over summer break. An inconvenient love develops and threatens the social structure of Forest Glen High School. “Kissless, the musical” was featured in the 2011 New York Musical Theatre Festival and is written by Houston native Chance McClain. Chat productions was founded early this year by local businessman Patrick Nonholf and McLain as a content creation and licensing company, which will create meaningful productions for commercials, Internet, corporate profiles, and theater. In their presentation to the Borger EDC, Nonholf and McClain said their company is focusing on creating a new method of marketing and licensing theatrical productions that reduces the risk and cost it takes to get a production off the ground and to be promoted. The company will use technology and efficiency to improve the process and have a good selection of quality theatre productions available for high school, college, and community theatre groups to use.To many, Borger seems like a strange place to develop such a project or business. But according to McClain, Nonhof’s love for the Borger area convinced him Borger would be a right location to place chat productions and to film “Kissless, the musical.” Nonhof told the EDC Board, “Granted, there are several locations where putting on the production would be less expensive and fit better. But we really have a passion for this community and know this is something that would bring great exposure to Borger and will just be a lot of fun.”As far as the EDC’S backing for the project, Borger EDC CEO Dan Redd said this is a very unique opportunity and is something that will put a positive light on Borger. Redd added that the production of the musical will have a positive impact to the local economy due to the length of time cast and crew will be working and living in Borger.Nonhof and McClain were quick to point out that doing the one production here this summer is seen as opening the door for Borger to become a focal point for major theatre productions. But with chat productions having an office in Borger, Nonhof and McClain said doing future productions in Borger is something both see as a possibility. Nonhof is one of the founders of Provenance Consulting, which provides information management systems used in the operation of oil, gas, and chemical plants and facilities. McClain has spent several years in music and video production and helped found 1560 The Game, Houston’s first independent sports radio station.