The life of Teresa Reed: miraculous

An exceptionally long life seems almost like a miracle. The life of Teresa (Slavin) Reed of the Potawatomi National tribe is a good example. On December 6, 2011, Teresa will be 109. Mrs. Reed is originally from Pampa, and Teresa spent most of her life teaching children. She taught in Pampa elementary schools until she retired at age 70. But, she wasn’t finished, heading to the Southwest to teach on an Indian Reservation. Teresa continued operating a motor vehicle at 103 and lived at home until she was 105, when she was moved to Wheeler Nursing Center.Teresa’s grandchild, Lana Tipton, a Biller and CNA for Borger Golden Plains Rural Health Clinic, recently paid a visit to her grandmother in Wheeler. Tipton said she is very proud to have Teresa as a grandmother. Tipton described Teresa’s life by saying, “She just loved her students and heritage. There is a million things about her. She is just a wonderful person.” Pearl Harbor, the Wright brothers’ flight at Kitty Hawk, and the manned flight to the moon all took place during Teresa’s lifetime. Born on December 6, 1902, Teresa is the Potawatomi Nation’s oldest member.