Library Director Wilkinson to retire; Friends of the Library discuss projects

The Friends met earlier this week to discuss a wide range of topics including donations, fundraisers, and upcoming projects
Alex Mann
Managing Editor

With Borger's library a high priority for locals across town, the regular meeting of Hutchinson County's Friends of the Library offered a closer look into the agenda and goals the local charity is currently working towards. Of course concern for the library's reconstruction or repair is self evident considering members of the group are currently in the process of circulating a petition urging action on the subject.

Library Director Carolyn Wilkinson was on hand at the Wednesday meeting to offer updates on the status of repairs, but progress was slow aside from ongoing testing of the library's infrastructure. “We are going to have air quality control come in tomorrow and test the air for mold, bacteria and fungi. That's the only thing I have to report on the building, but I would like to request a quote on painting the Stinnett library.” These projects will likely hold significance for Wilkinson, as the library director officially announced her resignation at the meeting. “This is my letter of resignation that I will present to the Commissioners Court on Monday. It will be effective January 31, 2016.” Wilkinson says, while other Friends expressed bittersweet feelings on the subject. “You know we're sad about this,” says Judy Flanders. Wilkinson relied, “I'm sad about this, but also happy... but that said, I think I have about 30 working days left.” Wilkinson later announced that she would officially present her resignation to the county commissioners at their Monday meeting. So far, no replacement has been considered to step into the director's position.

In the meantime Wilkinson continued to review a number of other projects the library was working towards. “We're going to have a float in the Christmas parade,” she says, “Jason Pender with the Borger Fire Department is furnishing the trailer, and we'll need candy and decorations for that.” Funds were allocated to have the float prepared and stocked with candy, and as the meeting continued, discussion began on whether or not to pursue the Friends traditional used book sale. While plans had originally been scrapped due to the library's collapse and concerns regarding a location, members felt that it might be possible to continue the sale on a smaller scale if a new location could be secured. While no decision was made, fans of the regular sales can hold out hope that the event may move forward.

Not much talk was dedicated to the petition circulating for the reconstruction of Borger's library, but representatives with the Friends mentioned they would be attending Monday's meeting of the county commissioners where the issue of the library could be discussed with all parties present.