Keep your home warm in the cold

The citizens of Borger have seen a few freezes, a couple of inches of snow, and temperatures below 20 degrees. This winter can get really cold if your home isn’t properly prepared. According to Wes Reeves of Xcel Energy, there are plenty of ways to keep your home warm. “The best way to keep warm and save on your bills is to add insulation and seal gaps around doors and windows to keep warm air from escaping. You can find inexpensive weather stripping at most hardware stores. Customers also should take advantage of our home energy audits. They can also go to and find an efficiency contractor who can see where the gaps are and make fixes free of charge. There is a standard program and also a low-income program called ‘hard to reach’,” said Reeves. Steve Kersh, meteorologist from KVII, said to remember the “4P’s”....Pipes, Pets, People and Plants. Pets need extra, unfrozen water and shelter in a garage or enclosed or heated area. Extra blankets and food are a necessity for outdoor pets. People should simply make sure that time outdoors is limited or eliminated. If you do have to go outdoors, make sure to dress in layers, have some sort of hat or head cover and gloves. Many of our plants can survive sub-freezing weather; however, there may be some bushes or other plants that would freeze or die in sub-zero temperatures. Those plants need extra care to make sure that they stay just warm enough. Spraying water and letting it freeze on these plants can keep the temperature of the leaves and plants above zero. And for those who own homes where the pipes could be exposed to the cold air, it’s recommended to cover exterior pipes with foam insulation, open up cabinet doors under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Keep warm this winter and make sure your home is properly prepared to face any cold weather the area may have.