Keep your home safe from pests this fall

Fall is a favorite season for many, as it signals the beginning of colorful leaves and crisp weather. But for many pest including rodents, spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, etc., the change in the weather indicates the need to find cover from the cold winter ahead. Lisa Vinyard of Industrial Pest Management reminds homeowners of the importance that fall pest-proofing can play in keeping pests from making their home in yours.“The best way to prevent pest invasions is exclusion.” said Vinyard,A few ways to do that are as follows:*Install door sweeps on exterior doors and repair damaged screens*Seal cracks and crevices on the outside of the home*Store food in containers and keep pet food away from the walls of the home *Dispose of garbage regularly in sealed bags *Replace loose mortar and weather-stripping around windows and doors*Store firewood away from the walls of the home*Keep shrubbery well-trimmed *Don’t collect rain water or any water around your home, this will also attract pests. It is recommended to have your home sprayed in the spring and fall to help prevent pests and call pest control when there are signs of pests. For more information on ways to keep your home pest free, call 274-5736