July is “Watch Your Car Month”

Citizens are advised to watch their cars for theft this month during “Watch Your Car Month.”Most people think they live and work in safe neighborhoods where auto theft and burglary don’t happen. They think they don’t drive a vehicle new or nice enough to be targeted by a thief. They sometimes think the things they keep in their vehicle don’t have any value to a thief. Well, they should think again! A vehicle crime is committed in Texas every two minutes. Just because citizens live or work in neighborhoods with low crime rates, those areas are not immune to vehicle crimes. This especially applies for small towns like Borger, Fritch and Stinnett. Thieves will go where they believe they can find good opportunities, which is pretty much anywhere. And the most stolen cars are not brand new. They are at least four years old. And did you know that something as simple as a visible piece of mail with an address can be the reason a thief burglarizes a vehicle? To make matters worse, stolen and burglarized vehicles can be tied to almost all other criminal enterprises, including identity theft, drugs, trafficking, home invasions, contraband, and even terrorism.According to Lt. Anthony Griffin of the Borger Police Department, you shouldn’t leave anything in the car. “The less there is in the car, the less likely the thief will break in, because it would be worth their time,” he said.This includes things like purses, CDs, change in cup holders, extra keys, cards, etc.According to studies, July is when the most vehicle thefts and burglaries occur in Texas, which is why the Texas Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority (ABTPA) has declared this month “Watch Your Car Month.” During “Watch Your Car Month”, hundreds of vehicle crime task force representatives funded by ABTPA will be working in their communities reminding Texas drivers that they must “think like a thief” to avoid falling victim to vehicle criminals.Drivers should also recognize that thieves want to strike in locations where they are most likely to leave belongings and be separated from their vehicles for longer periods of time. Those places may include malls, gyms, movie theaters and worst of all, churches.Any kind of thief is dangerous and can cause many issues to one person. So watch your car and stay safe.