Judge Mosley to host community drug court meeting in Stinnett Oct. 26

Tom Hinde

Judge James Mosley, of the 316th District Court, is set to host a community wide meeting to discuss the Hutchinson County Adult Drug Court. The event is set for Thursday, October 26 beginning at 4:00 p.m. The community forum will be held in the 316th District Courtroom in Stinnett located at 500 Main St. in Stinnett. The public is invited to attend.

Several agencies with representatives from law enforcement, probation officers, counselors and others will be in attendance and available to discuss the formation of the adult drug court's advisory council. The goal is to share with the community the court's expectations and how the public can assist the program to make it more successful. Drug courts offer optional legal remedies for defendants facing charges related to drug addition. The program focuses on rehabilitation, testing and regular meetings with drug court staff, including the judge.

Such programs have been successful elsewhere. Those who graduate can have their charges dismissed or expunged. The program's primary goals include reducing repeat offenses, lowering law enforcement and incarceration costs and helping defendants overcome addiction.

For more information on drug courts, please visit www.tasctx.org or www.ndci.org.