JMG participates in special Mother’s Day project

Borger ISD takes part in the JMG program, also known as The Junior Master Gardener. According to a press release, JMG is growing Good Kids by encouraging them to have a passion for learning, success, and service through s unique gardening education. JMG offers curriculum that covers a broad range of horticulture and environmental education topics. It also helps them develop critical thinking skills and to identify local conservation and environmental concerns for their community. In addition to this organization, ConocoPhillips donated initial funds to help get the greenhouse and outside garden outside started. Two high school students at the time, Alicia Brandon and Mary Taylor Rogers, did an independent project to help the plan in motion. This year the JMG students planted and took care of petunias, which will be handed out to students in first through fourth grade students as a present for Mother’s day. The plants will also be distributed to the Borger Nursing Home and Opportunity Center. In being a part of this program, students have increased interest in science and math, they are more enthusiastic about learning and performing and community service out side of the class room, they are willing to try new fruits and vegetables that they grow and study, they appreciate the farmer for all his efforts and have better understandings of the complete process of providing food.