Identity of abduction suspect revealed

The identity of the suspect involved in an attempted child abduction Wednesday has been revealed.The Borger Police Department, assisted by Hutchinson County deputies actively promptly checked out several leads generated from public tips. Locations of possible sightings included Dumas, Fritch, and various Borger locations. Lt. Anthony Griffin of the Borger PD said all of these leads were immediately acted upon and ruled out within a matter of hours.As law enforcement was checking out leads, a Texas Highway patrolman reported seeing a similar vehicle that matched the suspect's vehicle in the Morse area, which is north of Borger. This information steered law enforcement to investigate in that direction, and resulted in the identification of Gerardo Wall Ham, 34.Ham was brought to the Borger Police Department and questioned about the incident, Lt. Griffin said. During the questioning, other officers located the vehicle from the Wal-Mart surveillance video at Ham's house.Lt. Griffin said as a result of the information gathered during the investigation, an arrest warrant was issued for Ham, charging him with unlawful restraint (felony). He was taken into custody, processed, and incarcerated in the City of Borger Jail Facility.Ham is Caucasian. However, it was discovered during the investigation that he is a resident of Mexico and believed to be in the country illegally.Lt. Griffin said from the time the incident occurred until Ham was taken into custody, nine hours had passed. “This prompt diligent effort is due to law enforcement's immediate response to the incident, as well as the public's response and assistance,” he said. “The Borger Police Department would like to thank the citizens of Borger and all of Hutchinson County for all their efforts and assistance in reference to a quick resolve and conclusion to this incident.”On Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012, Ham was transported to the Hutchinson County Courthouse in Stinnett to be arraigned. During arraignment, Bond was set on Ham at $75,000. After being arraigned, Ham was incarcerated in the Hutchinson County Jail, and currently remains there.