How do you feel about the election? Readers weigh in

(Editor’s Note: This story contains the opinions of BNH readers. It does not reflect the opinion of the BNH as a whole.)There were mixed emotions expressed by Borger News-Herald readers regarding the outcome of the Tuesday election in President Barack Obama's favor.Becky White shared a message of optimism, saying that “No matter who is the President, Jesus is King!”“Just look at Wall Street!” Jeff Parkhurst said with an air of humor. “Goodbye retirement! I'm moving to Colorado.”Shelly Tracy-Wise said the House of Representatives is still under Republican control, so no Democratic bill will pass and the President is controlled by the House and can ask for any bill to be passed. However, she said if Congress doesn't approve it, it doesn't happen.“Obamacare was voted on by who again?” she said. “We need to realize that 'one man' does not run this country and that until we make our seated Congress responsible for their lobbied votes, then things will stay the same and that 'one man,' whoever he is, will always be the fall guy!”She said she hopes for a stronger House of Representatives and Senate base this next four years, and citizens need to quit blaming that “one man.”“I'm sure that the only 'one man' I credit for my life isn't the one who lives in the White House,” Tracy-Wise said.Candace Howard's thoughts were those of fear and the time to come.“We are doomed,” she said. “Get right with God, the end times are here.”Lisa Thiele Sparks said God is still in control. However, she said when the United States has a president who won't say the pledge or salute the flag, she wonders what that says to America.“It's bad enough we as parents have to sign a paper for school kids to say the pledge,” she said. “When we were kids that wasn't an option. I just hope as a whole that we can stay strong and survive this also.”Kimberly Shipman said citizens will not be able to afford healthcare.“[We] might as well quit our jobs and live off of welfare...we will be better off!” she said.Danny Ford said had the GOP ran on a simple platform of smaller government and more individual freedoms, it would have been a trouncing in the other direction.“Instead the GOP attempted to pander to the most extreme element of the RELIGIOUS RIGHT,” he said. “Those people exist in bulk in smaller and less populated regions and therefore carry less electorate votes. In populated areas, people understand that there are differing cultures and they aren't as terrified of them.”He said even within the Christian faith there is division and differing cultures, and when someone comes at a person with their crooked fingers saying their way is wrong, there will be a backlash. He said those fingers were poking at faces all over the place and are still wanting to today.“If you genuinely want prosperity, freedom, the pursuit of happiness, then it is time to focus on individual freedoms,” Ford said. “It is time to focus on common goals for the future. It is time to hush the racket and get work done.”Mack Horton said it all came down to one word: Obama.Bruce Maxwell said after 18 months of campaigning and two billion dollars later nothing has changed.“The people voted for the status quo,” he said.Lawrence Adonis Eric said it was all about jobs, jobs, jobs. Kenneth L. Williams said he believes plenty has changed, and Obama no longer has to worry about reelection.