Hospital completion certificate accepted

A certificate of substantial completion for the new Golden Plains Community Hospital has officially been accepted by the Hutchinson County Hospital District Board of Directors.The certificate was officially signed by Dr. Jock Lee, DVM, Chairman of the HCHD board, during the board’s regular meeting Monday evening.Dennis Jack, CEO of GPCH, said the certificate is a document that came with the USDA funding. It is one of the very last documents that needs to be finalized, stating that the elements of the construction contract have been substantially met. “It had to be approved by the architect that we did meet the requirements of the construction,” he said. “It had to be approved by JE Dunn [the general contractor], that yes, contractually we’ve met these requirements.”Jack said JE Dunn will still be contractually obligated to complete the items on the hospital’s punch lists, many of which have already been done. He said he and Joel Arnold, Clerk of the Works, have both walked around with the architect at the new facility, and the list was the result of things the three saw that still needed to be completed.He said what he needed from the hospital district, since it is the mortgage holder, it needed to be accepted and signed by the district. The date on the certificate is Sept. 21, 2011, since that is the day that completion of the hospital took place.“Going forward now, we are paying the lease,” Jack said. “GPCH is paying the lease to the district as of this date. In our contractual wording of the lease, once there was substantial completion of the construction, then we accept the building.”The public open house for the new Golden Plains Community Hospital will be held on Saturday, Oct. 22. The new facility will start treating patients on Monday, Oct. 24.