High Plains cotton crop progress mixed

Tom Hinde

The 2017 cotton crop progress for the Texas High Plains is all over the board according to experts. The mixed report holds that Mother Nature hasn't been very cooperative in parts of the region. The Plains Cotton Growers (PCG) survey's growers for how weather conditions are impacting their season.

While rain is always welcome, if it's accompanied by high winds and hail, crop damage and lower yields will follow. "We're finally to a point where we can stop putting out fires, so to speak, and really begin managing this crop," PCG chairman and Dawson County grower Shawn Holladay said. Some extension agents are reporting significant loss in their area.

Other areas look good, particularly in the Northern High Plains, save for some acreage hit by hail. "Couple that with increased acreage, and we could see a significant increase in production in the Northern High Plains, barring any future severe weather," said PCG Executive Vice President Steve Verett.

PCG recommends growers considering replanting consult Texas A&M AgriLife Extension's Texas South Plains Hailout/Replant/Late Plant Guide at http://bit.ly/17HailoutReplantLatePlantGuide.