The heat is on, baby!

According to recent weather updates, the month of July was the hottest month for Hutchinson County by far. Local longtime residents would agree with that statement. Charles Gillingham of Borger stated, “It’s the hottest it’s been since I’ve been here. I remember we got nine inches of rain one year, and we may not get there this time around.” He continued, “It’s a ‘remember when’ type of year that people can tell their grandchildren about.” Hutchinson County Museum Director Wes Phillips has lived in Fritch since 1975. Phillips stated “I was raised in Wichita Falls and even living there it was never as hot there as it was here the past month.” He continued, “ I don’t mind the hot weather, but it sure does make me water my yard more. You can’t tell about the Panhandle weather. Like they say, only fools and newcomers try to predict the Panhandle weather.” Teresa Mims stated she was born in Borger in 1951. She stated, “I have never experienced this kind of dryness and heat. Never have we went this long without good rain and here we are about to go into the fall season and nothing is even green. It looks like fall already.” She continued, “ It reminds me of when my mother used to talk about the dust bowl days, when they did not have any moisture and when they did, it rained mud.” Hutchinson County Fire Marshall Danny Richards agreed and stated, “This year is setting many new records.” He continued. “There have been several things leading up to this type of weather such as, Hutchinson County receiving no tornadoes during the spring and the extreme heat.” Richards concluded, “In the long run, next year will be very similar to this year’s weather.”