HCUW director grateful for people giving from their hearts for others

Hutchinson County United Way was announced to be number one per capita of giving in Texas for the 2010 year. To come up with this result, they take the number of people in the county divided by the amount that was raised. Julie Winters, Director of Hutchinson County United Way, said, “I knew we were running a successful campaign but, I guess I never even dreamed it would make number one. At first I was amazed. It’s not the work I do, it’s the people’s hearts of the community in which I live and work.” Recently United Way held the Day of Caring. There were 60 jobs that were completed and over 240 volunteers that were willing to give their time. Winters stated, “It’s not just the money but, it’s also time and hard work the people are generously willing to give from the heart.” Hutchinson County United Way will host its 2011 “Kickoff” on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011, at Graced Land East. The event will start off at 11:40 and will be full of booths for the citizens to browse.