HCSO to conduct Operation Child ID

Throughout the years, there have been various cases of kidnapped children, such as Adam Walsh, Polly Klaas, Jonathan Foster, and others. When such a crime occurs, law enforcement needs as much information as possible, such as photos, descriptions, fingerprints, and DNA, if possible.According to James Qualls of the Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office, it is the desire of his agency and other law enforcement that such a crime does not happen again.“However, we must come to grips [with the facts that] this type of crime does occur,” he said.From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 30, 2011, parents are encouraged to bring their child to the Borger Wal-Mart for Operation Child ID.The sheriff’s office will obtain all pertinent information of the child from the parent. This information, along with a photo and fingerprints, will be placed on a card, and the card will then be given to the parent to keep in a safe place.Deputies will also take a sample of the child’s DNA, and it will be sealed in a plastic bag for the parent to place in the freezer.“If any of this information is needed in the future, it will be at the parent’s fingertips,” Qualls said.For more information on Operation Child ID, contact the HCSO at 274-6343.