Handicap is no barrier to mobility

Teddy Buckland owns several handicap motor vehicles. One in particular is his 1977 Honda automatic motorcycle. Teddy has owned this custom made bike for two and a half years. His friend Leslie George originally made the sidecar. Teddy rebuilt the entire bike by placing the pre-made sidecar on a motorcycle he purchased off of Ebay for $1,500. It took about one year to get the bike running properly and looking good. His helping paramedic of 20 years, Alice Gerard, said, “A whole lot of people in this town have had their hands in this project.” Buckland is considered a C 6-7 quadriplegic from falling off a 25 foot drop while working at the Phillips Plant about 25 years ago. He broke his neck, causing him to be paralyzed from the neck down. Buckland’s interest was sparked to build this bike after seeing another just like it that had been built. Mr. Buckland also owns the first 2011 factory-made Ford pickup truck with a brand new Rhino lift built inside. “He’s always got some project going. There is never a dull moment with this man,” Ms. Gerard said. Teddy stated that a few future projects he had in mind are building more handicap sidecars for motorcycles, and placing a sidecar on an ATV four wheeler or a Polaris Ranger two-seater. Buckland also stated, “If I can help somebody like me and answer any questions about how to build one, I can show somebody how to build one.”