Groendyke Transport holds Million Mile Safety Banquet

Borger Groendyke Transport held a Million Mile Safety Banquet in January. This award banquet was held at the Frank Phillips Conference Center on January 28, 2012. For the 48th time since the award program began in 1965, Groendyke Transport recognized the Borger Terminal drivers and employees for driving one million miles from September 21 to December 31, 2011 without a preventable accident. Employees and spouses were treated to a steak dinner along with a check, awards and gifts.The President’s Million Mile Club includes 25 Borger Terminal drivers with 10 of them being current, active drivers. Of all 31 Groendyke terminals, Borger has the second highest number of President’s Club drivers.Senior VP of Operations David James presented an video presentation on Branding. Chris Pape, Manager of Safety and Training, presented the Terminal Million Mile Trophy to Zac Brown, the Borger Terminal Manager. . According to David Brown of Groendyke Transport Groendyke Transport is the 7th largest tank-truck carrier in the United States with 32 terminal locations in 13 states. In 2011, the drivers traveled over 72 million miles and delivered 482,544 loads in the US and Canada.