Greg Abbott stops to campaign in Amarillo

Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General and candidate for Governor, stopped in Amarillo Tuesday afternoon to address reporters and supporters at Cafe Marizon.

Abbott stressed the importance of voting, noting that the Texas panhandle is home to some of the strongest Republican districts in the country and telling supporters, “You all know that Randall and Potter Counties are going to go strongly Republican,” but warned, “what you need to know at the same time is that Barack Obama’s ‘Turn Texas Blue’ campaign team ... are going to be operating across the entire state of Texas. ... we all have to be concerned about their effort to turn Texas blue because if we lose Texas, we lose the United States.”

Abbott told jokes, poked fun at some attendees, and spent time speaking about his wife Cecilia, drawing a contrast between her and his likely opponent in the Governor’s race, Democrat Wendy Davis. He told the crowd about the accident that put him in a wheelchair and his wife’s continued dedication to their marriage through the ordeal; a possible shot at his divorcée opponent. 

Speaking of his time as Attorney General, a position for which he will not seek reelection as he focuses on the race for the Governor’s mansion, Abbott told supporters that a record 28 billion dollars in child support is now being collected by the Office. He also mentioned filing “countless lawsuits” challenging the national government, President and US Attorney General Holder. Abbot spoke of the need for “a stiff spine to fight back against an unprecedented overreaching Barack Obama federal government administration that’s trying to crush jobs here in the State of Texas.”

Abbott, also talked about the necessity of protecting the rights of citizens “such as your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.” Abbott’s office has won two cases recently that protected gun owner’s rights in Texas.

Abbott has recently been criticized in the media by Democratic groups and by Wendy Davis for his association with musician Ted Nugent. 

Nugent, who Davis and others have labelled a predator after admissions of sexual relations with underage girls, has called Greg Abbott his “blood brother” and last month called President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel”; an insult he insists was not racially motivated and later apologized for.

Abbott did not comment on his relationship with Nugent.

In short interview with News-Herald reporters, Abbott supported Texas’ recent decision to drop Algebra II requirements for high school students saying, “I am now running for Governor. I have been Attorney General longer than anybody else in the history of the state. I was a Justice of the Supreme Court in the state of Texas. I was a Judge. Before that I was a lawyer after graduating from law school. Not once in my entire life have I had a use for Algebra II.”