GPCH CEO: Hospital construction progressing well

According to the CEO of Golden Plains Community Hospital, construction on its new facility is coming along well.During the regular meeting of the Hutchinson County Hospital District Board of Directors Monday evening, GPCH CEO Dennis Jack said everything is continuing to go well with the construction process.He said construction is three days ahead of schedule, which was reported around three weeks ago. Jack said workers have high confidence that the hospital will be complete ahead of schedule and under budget. He said they are afraid to give an exact date as to when that might be, but he said it appears inspections can start by mid-August or early September on the new facility.Jack said punch list items need to be taken care before the staff moves into the building, so painters, repairmen, and other workers will not be working around them.He said this work will begin on the D, B, and C buildings before the A building. He said the D buildings will include administration, the kitchen, business office, rehab, medical records and laboratories. The B section of the hospital is the women’s center. The C buildings will constitute the ICU and medical patient wing. The A section will include surgery, the emergency room, radiology, pharmacy, admissions, the gift shop, respiratory therapy, and the gift shop.Jack said the workers were hoping the hospital would be able to take ownership of part of the building early, but it won’t have full permission until early September. He also said the hospital does not want to take partial possession of the hospital due to the fact that new equipment such as phones and new furniture will not be delivered until September.He said it appears the hospital will take ownership of the new building around the end of September, with opening to the public taking place in mid-October. He said on the day the hospital takes ownership, it will literally have to be in two places at once, operating at the old facility during one part of the day and in the new facility the other part of the day.Jack said he has appreciated the cooperation of the City of Borger in making this project happen. When inspections have been required, city officials have been out and gotten the work done in a timely manner, and he said he is grateful for their efforts.