GPCH celebrates one year in new location

Today Golden Plains Community Hospital celebrates a year in their new facility.According to GPCH CEO Dennis Jack, “We thought about making a big splash of it and having a public meeting, but honestly we are so busy now we can't take people away. It's working like we thought it would. 'Build it and they will come,' they come out in groves. and we don't want to take away any of the focus away from the patients.”So far, the location of the new building has been great for the community.“One of the concerns that people have is that when the weather gets bad they're not going to be able to get up here. We have a promise from the city that they would help maintain our drive way and our parking lot and they have done great,” said Jack.The facility is now one floor, with no basements or elevators, and features private and semi-private rooms in the med/surg area for a total of 25 inpatient beds, which does not include outpatient services. There is also a nurse's station in that area that enables nurses to give quick and efficient care to the patients in those rooms.The bathrooms in the patient rooms are larger than in the earlier building and feature built-in showers. “Some of the people have said it is too big. It's 40,000 sq. ft smaller than the other one, but in the old one we were three stories. For some people and the parts they have been to it does look bigger. Our ER is 50 percent bigger. All the patient rooms have 36-inch doors in the bathrooms that open out,” Jack said.The hospital also has the latest in operating room technology. Around each operating table, there is a thing known as laminar air flow curtain. Air is pushed around the patient who is on the table, and the air will go down and out of the room so infections don't come into the operating room environment and slow down the recovery time of the patient.There are a few new things happening at GPCH, such as a new full-time general surgeon in July, new OBGYN in Sept. and more equipment for a more efficient and safe hospital.They are also looking at building a medical office building. This building will be about a 9200 sq. foot building at the bottom of the hill, just before Roosevelt St. It will house doctors that are scattered throughout town and give them more access to the hospital and community. “The community had a lot of influence in the construction, and we hope that it meets their needs. We are going to continue to strive to bring them more and more services that they are asking for, ” said Jack.