Get your lawn and garden ready for spring

Spring is the best time to prepare your lawn and garden for the warmer months. Marlin Thomas, who has been with Thomas Greenhouse since its opening in 1976, says that the best thing to do is “prepare your garden.”Most common mistakes in preparing your garden include not fertilizing correctly and either overwatering or underwatering, especially when it comes to your grass. Fertilizing and watering are key to having a healthy green lawn. Some people water every day and that is not necessary. Consistent watering is most important, and it is also important that you water during the winter and even in the hottest part of the summer, every other day is fine. Also shut off your sprinkler system if it rains. “Double watering is not effective,” Thomas said. When planting in Hutchinson County, it’s always good to take time preparing the soil . Most of Borger consists of a heavy clay soil. Therefore, gardeners should start by removing the top two inches of whatever is there and replacing it with a few inches of good compost. Either an organic or synthetic nitrogen source can be used to produce a healthier more balanced soil.“There’s no big hurry, just prepare and fertilize,” Mr. Thomas said.He also gave a list of a few plants good to plant in this area such as roses, Rose Pauls, Dianthus, sweet potato vines, asparagus ferns, Petunias, Birds of Paradise, Cherry Blossoms, Dahlias, Orchids, and some tulips. He also listed a few trees that can be planted, like Oak, Silver Maple, Hackberry, American Plum and Pink Lady Euonymus. Planting bulbs and perennials or bushes that will come back year after year will provide a low maintenance garden. You can add annual plants for more color if you like. And, adding pots or water features to a garden can add extra spark. There are endless ways to make a yard look outstanding. Thomas Greenhouse, which is now owned by Thomas’s children Lisa and Kevin Paulsell, is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and offers many beautiful plants, much-needed equipment and good advice to help your garden become the most mind boggling in town.