Fritch Medical Clinic expected to reopen soon


Fritch’s Medical Clinic is expected to reopen soon, after closing earlier this week.

The clinic, owned and operated by Golden Plains Community Hospital, was forced to closed its doors due to an unforseen loss of staff when FMC Nurse Practicioner Cindy Coffelt-Whisenant resigned her position.

The silver lining here is that GPCH was already currently in the process of hiring a Nurse Practicioner for their soon-to-open clinic in Stinnett. This unidentified gentleman is now expected to instead take over responsibilities at the Fritch Clinic, giving GPCH administration officials time to staff the Stinnett facilities before they open later this year.

Of the clinic’s hiatus, Kevin Storey, Chief Executive Officer at GPCH, had this to say: “We are committed to making sure the health care needs of the people of Fritch and the surrounding area are fully covered. And just as soon as humanly possible, we’ll have the clinic back open and in operation.”

Storey continued, “We just want to make sure that we find the right person to staff it. We want to take the time to find the right person for them. We’re not just gonna stick somebody in there. We want to put somebody there that they’re gonna love and want to go see when they need them.” 

Presently, the rest of the staff at Fritch Medical Clinic, as well as the office of Dr. Jorge Sifuentes, are working with the clinic patients to ensure that they are still able to receive their prescriptions, review test results, etc..

Any patients of the Fritch Medical Clinic are urged to use GPCH’s Affordable Care Clinic until FMC is able to resume operations.

Both the Fritch Medical Clinic and the new clinic in Stinnett are expected to open within the next month. The Fritch clinic could possibly resume operations much sooner with the possibility of the new hire assuming that position instead.