Frank Phillips College Lady Plainsmen open conference play tonight in Midland

After spending a lot of time on the road in tournament play the past three weeks, the Frank Phillips College Lady Plainsmen open WJCAC play tonight on the road against Midland College.Despite the team having new coaches and a completely new roster from the 2010 season, the Lady Plainsmen have come together leading to success on the court by holding a 7-5 record.Overall, FPC Head Volleyball Coach has been pleased on how the team has came together saying, “The girls have come together very well so far, but we will always work on that concept. We still are having a difficult time learning to depend on the one next to us or who will pick up that ball. That is all a matter of trust and it will come the longer the girls play together.”As the season has moved along, one of the things Dyer is trying to get across to the team is understanding the difference between competing and winning, especially against tougher competition, explaining, “When we are playing a team of higher level, like this weekend for example, I want them to understand that we have to step up to their level and compete with them. It is not always about winning at this stage of our schedule, but pulling ourselves up to their level and competing. That ability will make us a stronger and better team.”Going into the season, Midland College was picked as the favorites to win the WJCAC. But through the first couple of weeks in the season, Midland College ha s struggled in their matches and currently holds a 2-10 record.Even though Midland College doesn’t look to be as strong as their pre-season projection, Dyer is not going into tonight’s match taking them lightly saying, “Midland has played some tough teams so far this season, so they’re definitely not a team to take lightly. It is our first conference game, as well as theirs, so it is a big game for the both of us.” In looking at how the Lady Plainsmen compare to Midland College, Dyer said, “They do have a pretty big front row, but they’re also slow, which means we have to run our offense at a high, fast pace.” Dyer added, “Since we are on the road, our keys of success will be believing in ourselves and our abilities and staying aggressive throughout the entire game. We have to serve aggressively and not give them anything easy, like a free ball. Our main goal is to continually keep them out of system.”Following tonight’s match, the Lady Plainsmen will finally have the opportunity to play in front of a home crowd on Saturday when they host Vernon College at 2:00 p.m. in their home opener. Dyer said, “The team is very excited to play at home finally! It’s always encouraging and an energy booster to play in front of our fans.”