Fox News chairman and CEO has stepped down amid sexual harassment allegations

Tom Hinde

Roger Ailes, 76, the visionary who created Fox News Channel and turned it into the leading voice of conservatism in America has resigned. His resignation comes amid a budding sexual harassment scandal. Ailes' ouster came two weeks after Gretchen Carlson, one of the news hosts on Fox filed a lawsuit alleging Ailes has sexually harassed her.

The lawsuit set off a series of events, including an investigation of his conduct by an outside law firm, which lead to other Fox employees claiming sexual harassment. Among them was Megyn Kelly, a star Fox host, according to New York magazine.

The allegations provided a foundation for owner Rupert Murdoch sons, Lachlan, 44, and James, 43, to press for Ailes's ouster, according to people at Fox and 21st Century Fox. Susan Estrich, Ailes attorney and a former Fox commentator, said "exit" negotiations between Ailes and 21st Century Fox were ongoing.