Father charged in death of infant

Hutchinson County Sheriff's office called with an update Thursday morning in regards to the death of three-month-old, Dustin Athey in Fritch.Deputies from the office responded to a call at a home in the Sanford Estates housing development on Tuesday night April 19 around 8:20 p.m. According to reports from Department of Public Safety spokesman Gabriel Medrano, preliminary autopsy results determine the child died from asphyxiation. The father of Dustin Athey, Johnathon Frank Athey, 27 years of age was arrested for the murder of his son on May 4, 2011. District attorney Mark Snider was conferred with and it was agreed to move forward with the investigation and charge Athey. Snider stated that he has not received all information from law enforcement, but once he does he will take it to the Grand Jury and they will decide whether to charge Athey for murder, manslaughter, or possibly less. Look for more information in Friday May 6, 2011 edition of the Borger News-Herald.