Drug bust discussed at Fritch city meeting

A recent drug bust in Fritch was one of the main subjects of the city’s council meeting this week.Chief Kirk Coker of the Fritch Police Department spoke about the drug bust on Hoyne last weekend. Upon arriving at the house police officers found meth, glass beakers, tubbing lithium, bloody needles, needle backs soaking in bleach water to be re-used, meth pipes, crack pipes, and marijuana pipes in site throughout the house, and a room full of pornography and other movies (there was no evidence of children there, but there was a classic pedophile type scenario evident.) “There was an active meth lab in this house.” said Coker. He said, “Had there been children in that house, the children would have had to come out, strip to their clothing, be hosed off away from the house, then taken to a proper facility to be cared for and removed from the parents custody. That’s how serious this stuff is.” The Fritch PD also took down one of the largest drug dealers in this area on Golden Road.Also part of new business on the agenda was deliberation and action on an Amendment to Ordinance 510, an Ordinance revising part of Chapter 20 “Utilities” of The City of Fritch Code of Ordinances, redefining due dates. City Manager Bobby Lamb stated,” We are having a lot of people steal water from us.” He said if a citizen’s water has been shut off due to non-payment and the city finds the customer has turned it back on, the first offense will be a fee of $150 plus the water usage. The second offense will be criminal charges after that.” This was approved by three council members, with one opposed.The next city meting will be held February 21, 2012.