Don't fall for this text message scam

Michelle Berry, Managing EditorThere is a text message scam circulating revolving several local financial institutions, and customers are encouraged not to fall for it.Happy State Bank and Amarillo Nation Bank customers have reported getting text messages saying their card has been deactivated. In the message, the customer is asked to call a 806-576-###. Once the number is called, a recorded voice will ask for the person to enter their full 16-digit card number and PIN.Those who did fall victim to the scam are asked to call their bank immediately, as well as the police.Happy State Bank issued a statement on its web site pertaining to the scam, urging customers not to call this number and not to enter any information.“We will never send you a text message nor an email to notify our customers that their card has been deactivated and we will never ask for your 16-digit card number and your pin number to reactivate your card!” the statement said.For those who did call the number and enter information, they are asked to call 1-866-958-2867 to have their card turned off immediately.