County tables action on burn ban

The County Commissioners met Monday morning to make a few decisions for Hutchinson County, one of those pertaining to the burn ban. The commissioners tabled action to continue the burn ban. According to Hutchinson County Fire Marshal Danny Richards, the county will see a few fires here and there, but he does not find it necessary to put a burn ban in place until it becomes a major threat. “If we put up the burn ban, trash will just gather and become a fire hazard itself,” said Richards. Richards advised commissioners the ban may go into effect at the next meeting if the weather remains the same. The commissioners approved the following agenda items: the renewal of health insurance for employees and retirees of Hutchinson County which will be effective October 1, 2012; the re-appointment of Ms. Jania Robinson of Hereford to the board of trustees of Texas Panhandle Behavioral and Development Health; the seal coat project for Carson County; the appointment of Jane Agee as a new member of the Hutchinson County Historical Commission and the appointment of Theresa Packebush as a member of the Hutchinson County Child Welfare Board.