County sets Republican convention

The Hutchinson County Republican Party has announced its plan for a 2012 county/district convention.Mary Kay Phelan, who is the county chairman, announced that this convention will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 21, 2012, at Faith Christian Fellowship Church, 415 East Gardner.The convention is held in even-numbered election years, as part of the statewide and national Republican convention process. The purposes of the convention are to choose delegates and alternates to the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) State Convention, currently scheduled for June 7-9 in Fort Worth, and to consider resolutions or statements on policy issues to send to the State Convention for eventual inclusion in the state and national Party platform.All attendees have the right to seek to become a state delegate and to bring forth resolutions for consideration by the convention.A complete list of convention participants will be maintained by the county party, and submitted to the Hutchinson County Elections Office for their record-keeping after the convention.As an additional resource, the state party stands ready to answer any questions related to the 2012 Republican Party of Texas Convention process. More convention information is available at the RPT web site – any additional questions or information, contact Hutchinson County Chairman Phelan at 806-275-2702 or by email at