County receives over two inches of snow

It has snowed once again in Hutchinson County. According to Hutchinson County Fire Marshal Danny Richards, the county got a small taste of a large storm, getting a little over two inches of snowfall. Richards also stated Borger should be expecting more precipitation and snow around noon today. He continued to say that Hutchinson County is still severely behind nine inches for precipitation.Steve Kersh, meteorologist for Storm Search7, said, “As far as what kind of winter we are expecting, we are still in the ‘La Nina’ weather pattern which is characterized by colder than normal waters off the Pacific coast of Central America and Mexico. This causes a warmer, drier and windier winter than normal (like last year). This year’s ‘La Nina’ isn’t as strong as last year’s, so it does look like we will see more rain and snowfall than last year (thankfully!). Even though the overall weather pattern will be windier, warmer and drier than normal, it’s not to say that we won’t see very cold outbreaks like the one we are in now. If you remember last winter, January 2011 was one of the coldest months we’ve had on record! The other months were dry, windy and very warm!”A few basic weather tips Kersh has to offer are as follows:1. When driving, SLOW DOWN! The biggest problem when driving is people think they can drive just as fast on ice and snow as they can on dry pavement! Allow extra driving time, allow extra spacing between you and the car ahead of you and simply, slow down!2. If driving for a long distance trip, be sure and pack a “Winter Survival Kit” in your car if you become stranded in the very cold weather. Take along a blanket, a shovel, kitty litter or sand, peanut butter, a red scarf or other piece of brightly colored material to place on your antenna if you get stuck and a candle or some type of heat source.3. If outdoors, simply limit your time outside and wear many layers of loose-fitting clothes.4. Check on the elderly and animals and make sure that your pets have fresh, unfrozen water and plenty of extra food to keep warm. Blankets (but no heat lamps!) are also needed for outdoor pets!