Council makes decisions on property demolitions

The Borger City Council has made decisions on two property demolitions that were appealed by local citizens.The actions were taken during the regular meeting of the council, held Tuesday afternoon at Borger City Hall.The first property in question was 821 Moody, owned by C.C. “Bud” Reynolds. He told the council that he planned to demolish the property and clear the lot on his own. However, he said he had some workers he plans to put to work on the demolition and didn’t want to put them out of business.Code Enforcement Officer Larry Byrd said Reynolds was offered the opportunity to sign an Operation Facelift contract, which would give the city permission to demolish the property and clear the lot. Reynolds said he had looked over the contract, but still preferred to handle the matter on his own.The council acted to affirm the initial decision of the Building Standards Commission to demolish the property. However, attached to the decision was a 90-day delay to give Reynolds time to take action on the property. With the decision laid out in this manner, the council will not have to consider further action on the property.The second property in question was 128 Cottonwood. The property was owned by the late Gary Stephens. Twila Stine said she received the property as a result of Stephens’ last will and testament, and she and her husband have been working to clean up the property. She said she was doing so in order to get an appraisal on the property.Mary Kay Phelan, who lives not far from the property, said she applauded the Stines for their work in getting the property cleaned up and believed with more time they could do what was needed. However, two other neighbors from the same area expressed their concerns about the property and its safety and appearance in the neighborhood.After a considerable amount of discussion, the city council approved a 45-day extension in order to give the Stines the time to figure what needs to be done on the property. The council will review the progress on the property and make a final decision after the extension time has passed.The council also approved action on two Operation Facelift contracts, one for 705 Bartush, owned by Bobby Wayne Gardner; and one for 821 McPherson, owned by Marcos D. Hernandez.In other business, the council approved the appointment of three new members to the Planning and Zoning Commission: Mike Stewart, Danny Haynes, and Jimmy Gowdy.Larry Mullenix, Director of Planning and Zoning, said the commission recently had one member resign, and the terms of two regular members expired who were not eligible to serve again.Stewart is the co-owner of JT’s and Jump Zone, Haynes is the general manager of R and R Sheet Metal, and Gowdy is the general manager at Country Chevrolet.Action was taken on the re-appointment of Dean Cooke and Randy Lopez as regular members of the Zoning Board of Adjustment.Council members attending the meeting were Charles Gillingham, Marvin “Bubba” Dickson, Mayor Pro-Tem Robert Vinyard, and Mayor Jeff Brain. Council member Leon DeWeese did not attend the meeting.