Council grants motor home abeyance

The Borger City Council has granted an abeyance on allowing motor home and recreational vehicles in residential areas.The action was taken by the council at its regular meeting Tuesday. An abeyance is temporary inactivity, cessation, or suspension.Kenneth Petr, director of planning and zoning for the City of Borger, said with the temporary influx of construction workers for the Phillips Petroleum turnaround, temporary housing arrangements are needed.Petr said this would allow placement of an RV for up to a year on a lot that is zoned general residence. Each individual is responsible for his or her own electrical and water and sewer hookups, and cannot park his or her RV on the street.Eddie Edwards, Borger City Manager, said an abeyance was granted by the council back in 2006 for three years in a similar situation, and there weren't a lot of people that took advantage of it.He said this resolution will allow staff not to enforce the ordinance over this one year period. The ordinance that states RVs or motor homes are to be located in a RV or mobile home park and cannot be placed in a general residence area."The council is basically telling us to look the other way over the next 12 months in those particular instances," he said.