Council to conduct public hearings

The Borger City Council will be conducting hearings during its upcoming meeting.The meeting is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 1, 2012, in the city council chambers of Borger City Hall.During the meeting, the council will be holding hearings on the following matters:•A request from Mr. Arvind Patel for a Specific Use Permit to place a manufactured home at the rear of 1415 W. Wilson (Lot N/2 23, Block “Y”, A&B Survey Addition). •A request to rezone 900 N. Main (Lots 17-27, Block 5, Original Townsite), from Retail (R) zoning district to Commercial (C) zoning district. •A request to rezone 315 Coble (Lots 9-10, Block 49, Original Townsite), from General Residence (GR) zoning district to Retail (R) zoning district. •A request to rezone 1111 Roosevelt (Lots 4-6, Block 66, Isom Addition), from General Residence (GR) zoning district to Neighborhood Service (NS) zoning district. Following each public hearing, the council will act to approve or deny approval of each request.In other business, the council will act on two Operation Facelift Contracts, which are as follows:•A contract between Brandee Bowen and the City of Borger for the removal of structures at 923 Coble. •A contract between Cynthia Young and the City of Borger for the removal of structures at 1014 Harrison. The council will also act on expenditures for the last half of April and meetings of its first regular April meeting.A time for questions and comments from citizens will be held. Citizens who have indicated their desire to speak to the City Council will be heard at this time. In compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, unless the subject matter is on the agenda, City Council members are prevented from acting on the subject and may respond only with statements of factual information or existing city policy; however, City Council members may refer the person making the comment to a staff member or request city staff to place the subject matter on the future open meeting agenda. Citizens are limited to three (3) minutes for their presentation to the City Council.