Council approves SRO program agreement

The City of Borger plans to continue providing a school resource officer program for the Borger Independent School District.During its regular meeting Tuesday, the Borger City Council approved an interlocal agreement between BISD and the City of Borger for the 2012/2013 School Resource Officer Program.Eddie Edwards, Borger City Manager, said the school district and city have a long history of cooperation in regards to the SRO program. In the past, the police department has applied for and received grants which partially funded the program. However, during the 2009-10 school year, no grant funding for the program was received. During that year, both the school district and city provided additional funding to continue the program.Edwards said during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 school years, additional grant funding was received in the amount of $57,600 in support of the program.At this time, the City of Borger and the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission are exploring different options through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as well as other agencies. However, Edwards said he doesn’t have much hope of receiving any funding through the grant process.He said in anticipation of not receiving any grant funding, he said he has sent a proposed interlocal agreement to BISD in which the city would be responsible for approximately 50 percent and the school district would be responsible for approximately 50 percent of the estimated $108,900 cost of the program.“The agreement also includes language that the city and BISD would renegotiate the agreement should any grant funding become available,” Edwards said.The total cost of the 2012/2013 SRO Program is approximately $108,900 and will be included in the proposed 2012/2013 operating budget, along with a revenue amount of $54,450 anticipated from the proposed interlocal agreement with BISD.The BISD school board has not taken action on the agreement as of yet.