Council approves seal coating for Isom streets

The Borger City Council has approved action on an agreement that will allow staff to seal coat streets in the Isom addition.During its regular meeting last Tuesday, the council approved action on an interlocal agreement between Borger and other communities for the 2012 seal coat program.Ted Dodd, Director of Public Works for the City of Borger, said the city does this program each year in conjunction with other cities and the Parkhill, Smith, and Cooper firm. The agreement gives the city economy of scale in purchasing new seal coat services and prevents duplication of effort.Dodd said $175,000 will be spent in this year’s program, which he said should take care of the streets in the Isom addition. He said next year city staff will probably do more, and there is a possibility the city may not use Parkhill, Smith, and Cooper next year.“Last year, we got a good contractor, but he came in late,” he said. “The same thing happened last year. Next year, we may do our own bidding.”Borger has instituted a new seal coat regime and this is the fifth year that Borger’s new program will seal coats. Dodd said his department’s goal is to cover every block every five to six years to ensure its quality.The council also approved judges for the upcoming election scheduled for May 12. The judges are as follows:Early voting ballot board – Jeanene Flippo, judgePrecinct 11 – Wanda Klause, judgePrecinct 14 & 23 – Joan Carder, judge; Brenda Jackson, alternatePrecinct 33 & 42 – Bertha Walker, judge; Polly Gillingham, alternateThe City of Borger pays election judges $12 an hour and an additional $25 for returning the election machines and ballot boxes to City Hall after the election. Alternate judges are paid $10 an hour.The council also approved an Operation Facelift contract between Christine Moon and the City of Borger for the removal of structures at 117 North Deahl.The property is officially known as Lot 1, Block 67, Original Townsite Addition.Eddie Edwards, Borger City Manager, said the city had filed on this property in district court, but will not pursue any further action since this contract has been finalized.Operation Facelift was enacted by the City Council as a means to assist residents in the demolition and removal of less than desirable property throughout the City of Borger.For a predetermined fee, with the owner’s permission, the City of Borger demolishes your proberty and hauls of all debris and waste. The fee associated with the demolition is a fraction of what a contractor would charge the resident.The end result is a clean and clear lot for the owner and a much improved aesthetic for the City of Borger.