Council approves bid for water wells

With the drought in the Hutchinson County area seeing no end anytime soon, the City of Borger is doing its part to provide much-needed water for citizens and businesses.During its regular meeting Tuesday, the Borger City Council approved action on a bid for two new water wells in the amount of $999,903. The bid was awarded to Hydro Resources Mid Continent, Inc.James Harder, Director of Utilities for the City of Borger, said due to the ongoing severe drought, no water will be pumped from Lake Meredith in the foreseeable future. He also said two wells in the Stinnett field have failed recently and several others are pumping at a reduced capacity.“Producing enough water to meet our residential and industrial needs in the coming months will be extremely difficult even with the Roberts County Well Field production,” he said.The engineering firm of Parkhill, Smith, and Cooper has been retained to furnish plans for drilling new water wells in the Stinnett field. These will furnish enough water to enable the City of Borger to keep up with the demand for some time.Bids for the drilling and completion of the two wells were received on Tuesday, Feb. 21. With Hydro Resources Mid Continent being the low bidder, it was recommended that the bid be accepted.Harder told the council the company plans to start drilling on the wells as soon as possible.City Manager Eddie Edwards said the funds to pay for the new wells will come out of $2.2 million that was planned for in this year’s budget. There are still plans to do a third well, but he said some of the logistics still need to be worked out before it can move forward.