Council approves advance agreement for Roosevelt project

An advance agreement between the City of Borger and the Texas Department of Transportation for improvements to Roosevelt Street has been approved.The Borger City Council took action on Tuesday on a resolution approving a local project advance funding agreement with TxDOT for the rehabilitation of Roosevelt Street from State Highway 136 to State Highway 207.Kenneth Petr, Director of Planning and Zoning for the City of Borger, said the city has been working with TxDOT for several months now on this project. He said there is new development taking place along Roosevelt, which includes the new hospital, the new Church of God, the new Wal-Mart Supercenter, the new nursing home, and a new doctor's office.“We have recognized the need to improve Roosevelt Street. It is narrow and in need of some improvement,” he said.The proposal is to upgrade Roosevelt Street to a proposed three lane, curb and gutter street section with sidewalk on the south side from West Wilson to College Avenue and to resurface the existing Roosevelt Street from College Avenue to Cedar Street.Petr said TxDOT was able to secure $400,000 in federal highway funds that can be used towards this project. He said the resolution needed to be granted to allow City Manager Eddie Edwards to sign the agreement and proceed with the project.Overall the total construction estimate to do the whole project is around $1.28 million, he said. The remainder may come from local funds or other sources of income yet to be determined. The entities are still waiting to hear if Wal-Mart plans to participate in the project, but he said the project needs to begin moving forward regardless.“We do intend to take care of Roosevelt Street with this project,” Petr said.Mayor Jeff Brain asked Petr if the work was going to be done on the south part of Roosevelt, since the nursing home has put in a curb and gutter near its property. Petr said the city would try to save what it can, but those plans were put in place before the city had its plans finalized.Mayor Pro-Tem Robert Vinyard asked where the funding for the remainder of the project will be coming from. Edwards said city officials will likely be coming back to the council with proposals as to how to fund the project. He said he wanted to hold a work session to discuss it prior to the meeting, but schedules didn't allow it.An initial payment of $24,243 would be required to be submitted with the approved agreement, and a payment of $882,560 would be due by March 1 for a May letting. Council member Charles Gillingham asked Petr when he believed this job would be completed. Petr said that if the letting took place in May and everything went according to plan, he could see it being completed by Thanksgiving.Vinyard asked Petr if Wal-Mart decided to move forward with construction next year if that would interfere with the city's work. Petr said he didn't think it would be an issue, but there would need to be some coordination to make sure things run smoothly. He said the design is still a work in progress, and if Wal-Mart decides to come in, they will include them in the project, and costs could change.Edwards said the agreement will include the reworking of the intersection near Wal-Mart to what he believes it would want. If Wal-Mart decides not to get involved, the design plan will be reworked.